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MN Community Resource List

Twin Cities Metro Area Resources

Non-English Speaking Resources

Everyday Miracles - 612 353-6293

Prenatal classes offered in Spanish and Somali. Classes are free to those belonging to a state-sponsored health plan. The general public is welcome, cost of classes are $25 per session.

Hooyo Project  "Hooyo" - means mother in Somali. 

Hooyo Project is a culturally inclusive group prenatal care model that integrates routine prenatal clinic visits with mindfulness-based therapies, prenatal care and childbirth education. Women more than 20 weeks of gestation are invited to participate in biweekly two-hour visits, with a goal of four to eight pregnant women at each visit.

Wakhtiga Carrurta- 

Time with your child- free program with discussion about healthy pregnancy, taking care of your baby and parenting topics. Somali language interpreters will be present. Sibling care provided.

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