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Twin Cities Metro Area Resources

Parent/Moms/Dads Groups

AMMA Parenting Center New Mama Class 

Bring your newborn to a baby-friendly environment and get help on all the topics of concern to new moms: feeding, sleep, soothing, vaccinations and pediatric visits, postpartum adjustment, emotions, returning to work, and more. You won’t find a more welcoming place for help and encouragement than the New Mama Class.  The perfect way to spend maternity leave!

The New Mama Class supports all new mothers.  Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, parenting solo, partnered or married, adoptive or biological, have one baby or twins, you are welcome here.  Being part of a range of experiences shows us how many right ways there are to be a family.  You’ll leave this class  with confidence and friends for life.

Our teachers are all Registered Nurses, Board Certified Lactation Consultants, or both.

Sign up to start your 6-week session when your baby will be 1-8 weeks old.

Tuition: $150 for six weekly 2-hour sessions

Birth & Soul 

Minneapolis MN, 55407

New Parent Group Mondays 10:30 am- 12 pm - A place to have a warm beverage, have adult interaction with non-judgmental support. 

Blissful Beginnings 

New Mom Meet Up - Woodbury

If you are an expectant mom or brand new mom, join us for a bi-weekly meetup. We will share our fears, joys, questions and advice as we navigate the world of new mommyhood. Babies welcome through 12 months. Participation is a free will donation onsite, and/or a donation of diapers, formula, or maternity clothes for the needy.


Minneapolis: 612-223-8064; St Paul: 651-340-8538

New Mama Group- bring your baby! Receive advice and perspective on feeding, sleep, developmental milestones, breast health, and much more as you weigh your baby, celebrate growth, and meet other moms.

Circle Of Moms 


Free group for pregnant and new moms to gather and get a chance to talk about the things that are hard to talk about.


In collaboration with Woodwinds Hospital, ECFE is offering on going classes for new parents and their infants. Join the group at any time. No Fee.  Birth to 3 months - Tuesdays from 12:30-1:30pm.  And 3 months to 6 months - Tuesdays from 2:00-3:00pm

Father Support Group

First Sunday of Every Month
11 AM- 12 PM
Suggested donation of $5-10 but no one will be turned away due to lack of monetary funds. 

Male gender norms have held that if there is an issue for a man, they need to fix the problem, not deal with the emotional effect. The accumulation of unexamined emotional disturbances begin to negatively impact their emotional well-being. In this support group, fathers can express these feeling and challenges of becoming a father in today’s world. This group is open to all fathers whether you’re expecting your first or if you’re already a father.

Grandparent Support Group 


Its purpose will be sharing their story of loss with each other and receiving helpful information on supporting them in their journey of grief. The group will meet the 5th Monday of months that have one. March-June-August and November from 5-6:30. Call for location and details.                                                                

Hatch Life! Mama Adventures Support Group 

RSVP 952-994-2756

Thursdays 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

"The Hatch Life program is a place where you can feel comfortable discussing life topics surrounding parenting in a small group setting." - for pregnant and parenting women. Children ages 0-2 are welcome to attend. Topics include-  anxiety and mood difficulties, breastfeeding, mother-infant relationship, sleep schedules and more! Free Lunch included! 

LGBTQ New & Prospective Parent Group

Second Saturday of each month 10-11:30 am. Walker Community United Methodist Church, 3104 16th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN This is a donation-based peer-run support group for LGBTQIA families with little ones ages 0-3ish, as well as expectant and trying families looking to build community! Check out upcoming events and topics on facebook

Mindful Mondays For Moms

Motherhood is a big transition. Mindfulness can help.

Whether you’re a brand new mom or you’ve been at this a while, you know how it feels to juggle weighty emotions and responsibilities at this time of life.

Join us every other Monday for an evening of developing and practicing Mindfulness. The hour will begin and end with breathwork, intentional relaxation, and Mindfulness skill building. The middle of class will be spent connecting with other moms, sharing resources, and processing the journey into motherhood.

Minnesota Birth Center

Upcoming events: Multiple parent topic and community parent groups being offered through the month of February. Please click on Minnesota Birth Center to find out more.

Mom and Baby Group-HCMC 


This free class meets on Thursday mornings from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. No registration needed; parking will be validated. Green building, 7th floor, room 233.

Moms Group @ Health Foundations 


Moms group meets every Thursday from 1:30-2:30pm. This group is a wonderful way to get out with your baby, meet other moms and learn about different topics each week. Free! 968 Grand Ave. St Paul.

New Mom Meet Up at Blissful Beginnings 

"If you are an expectant mom or brand new mom, join us for a bi-weekly meetup. We will share our fears, joys, questions and advice as we navigate the world of new mommyhood. Babies welcome through 12 months. Participation is a free will donation onsite, and/or a donation of diapers, formula, or maternity clothes for the needy." Location: Woodbury

Next Step Mothers’ Support Group 

Group for teen moms that meets on Tuesdays from 5:00 to 6:30pm.  Motherhood can be one of the most rewarding parts of a woman’s life but it also can feel overwhelming and lonely. This group will connect you with other mothers in similar situations and help you feel less alone in a safe and confidential space. We’ll talk pregnancy, parenting, and the things that go with it, like co-parenting, housing, money, childcare, work, school, relationships, and taking care of yourself.

Group members will need to meet with one of the leaders before joining. To learn more about the group and find out if it is right for you, contact Frankie Galka at  651-500-2433.

Outdoor Adventures, community and more 

Deborah Meggitt offers multiple groups for new parents, moms and families that help connect you with nature, navigate your way as being a new parent and more. 

Regions Birth Center- Mom and Baby, The Early Weeks 

Share your experience with other new parents, ask questions and build a support system. Classes are offered in four week sessions; classes will meet on Fridays from 2:30-4 p.m in the North Oaks conference room. Cost is $40 for each four-week session. Scholarships are available, if needed. Call 651-254-3580 to register

Our Village Mom's Club 

612-208-FIT2 or (Emily Christie) As moms ourselves we understand that life is about finding balance and nurturing our minds and spirits as well as our bodies. By joining Our Village, you will not only enjoy fun and playful activities with your child, but will build a tight community of like minded moms to share advice, tips and most importantly laughter.  Support. Connect. Empower. Make a difference.

Queer Birth Project 

The Queer Birth Project is a collaboration between Cheyenne Johnson, Doula CD (DONA), and Janine Stiles, Certified Professional Midwife. Their mission is to support LGBTQ families and the professionals that serve them, during family building and early parenting. They are offering a new parent support group for LGBTQ families and a no cost referral for LGBTQ professionals. Click here for more information.

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